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My Haji group!

Hello all Haji fangirls/guys.
I made community on My.Opera for Haji and yes this place is our affiliate!
Check it out:


Headers Here

13 Blood+ Headers
1 Eureka 7 Header
1 Full Metal Alchemist Header

[sharing] Music Album and Fanfiction

 Haji Plays Bach - The full album of Haji's music. Hope this is inspiring! 

Just in case some people want to read Haji-centric stuff...

When Saya Sleeps (spoilers for the end of the show)
Hello everyone,
This my first post but it's not just to say hi. I have a couple clubs on devART to tell you about.
one is a Haji club
Also there is
www.saya-x-haji.deviantart.com -SayaxHaji club
www.david-and-julia.deviantart.com -DavidxJulia club
www.the-diva-club.deviantart.com -Diva club
those are all of my Blood + clubs. If you have a devART account then come and join one are all of them.
First time posting here!  I come offering a small gift - Haji fanart ^_^

Hope you enjoy!


my name is Crystal ....
age : 20
Gender : Female
My Favorite character : Haji, Saya, Solomon, Diva
Other Favorite anime : Bleach, Trinity blood, Dn Angel, Inu yasha, Samurai champloo
Interest: Poems, Anime, Drawing, painting
Been a long while! I lost my Photoshop for a little bit. so thanks to cdg, I'm back in business!

Hunter x Hunter
Final Fantasy VII

ET is an alien and he is kind of spacey. Coming from the universe to party and go crazy!Collapse )